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Barnstable County Register of Deeds, John F. Meade, reports that the volume of real estate sales in October 2019 was down 1.5% from October 2018 volume and the total value of sales was down 14% from the previous year.  The median individual property sale value was down 5.2% from the previous year.  There was a 59% increase in the volume of mortgage activity from October 2018 levels.

Year to Date: Volume of Sales is down 1.2%; Total Value of Sales is up 3.3%; Individual Sales Value is up 2.7%; Mortgage Volume is up 11.6%.

Register Meade reports that there were 714 deeds recorded at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds in October 2019 with stated sales values above $50,000.00 representing a stated value of $353,874,928.00 in county-wide real estate sales. Based on all property sales valued above $50,000.00, the median sale price of property in Barnstable County in October 2019 was $385,000.00.

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